Get LOTS of Help !   …  For LITTLE INVESTMENT.


In the past, getting your horse or animal evaluated by an veterinary professional required that you rearrange your schedule and take hours out of your day. With GetSound®, you have instant access to the professional of your choice…. without having to make an appointment.

GetSound® also makes it economically feasible for livestock & horse owners to seek routine wellness exams in order to stay ahead of problems before they start. This translates into your animal staying healthier for longer, all while demanding less of your time and money !


Meanwhile, the dramatic increase in evaluation efficiency afforded by our Mobile Animal Telehealth Solution allows your professional to provide an attentive, proactive approach to managing and preventing problems.

Progress can be assessed on a regular basis with very little investment on behalf of the practitioner. This translates into a better overall service to you.

It’s a Win-Win!