Remember to Assess Both Fore and Hind Limb Activity

Equine Lameness for the Layman - Book Cover
Featured in the book Equine Lameness for the Layman
by G. Robert Grisel DVM

What is the VCPR?

The Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (or VCPR) is a convention that is designed to protect the animal owner from inappropriate and fraudulent veterinary medical activity. It is the foundation of contemporary veterinary medical ethics and is central to the effective delivery of high-quality animal care in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Each country and state may publish their own VCPR definition, which requires that a licensed veterinarian maintain current one-on-one knowledge of veterinary patients. To review the VCPR Definition as it applies to your state, click HERE.

GetSound® is committed to the appropriate and lawful practice of veterinary medicine, and abides by VCPR principles and regulations. We aim to develop and maintain a responsible platform for the telemedical evaluation of your horse. See Professional Terms of Use for more information.